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This is the end. I no longer have to use technology for this class after this blog post. And ain’t that fun.

For my final video, I took Halley Alice into the Arcata Community forest, near Jo Mama lake. Or pond. Too still to be a lake, too small to be a pond.  Halley, a music minor, agreed to do this video under no conditions but made such outrageously hippie statements that we had to cut several times due to laughter. Wasn’t it fun.



Bigfoot In Humboldt

Arcata Community Forest


The Bigfoot legend has been around since the 1700s, and that’s only when european settlers set a sighting on record. Skanicum, or stick people. were known to native americans as people.

Recently, scientists have tried to prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot by analyzing DNA samples from hair, scat and a tooth used as evidence of bigfoot. Their findings were covered in North Coast Journal.

Basically, Bigfoot might be a known species, like a bear.


Fracking Frackers

Anti-fracking protesters on the rig at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire. Photograph: Yorkshire’s Fracking Frontline/PA Via The Guadian

You know *frack* is a bad word right? It basically means the rape of the Earth to extract fossil fuels. It’s bad. But people are protesting.

Invasion of site in North Yorkshire comes as campaigners say they have seen letter stating exploration is due to startProtesters in a tiny North Yorkshire village have vowed to put their lives on the line to prevent the first fracking operation in six years from taking place this week.Two campaigners had to be rescued from…

via Fracking protesters vow to ‘put their lives on line’ after scaling rig — Environment | The Guardian

Pruitt F*s Up Texas Air For Texas Business

Rim trail in Big Bend national park in Texas. Photograph: Alamy

The Clean Power Plan, enacted in 2015 under Obama, has been revoked. The Guardian explains the consequences for Texas air.

For decades the national park’s stunning vistas have been compromised by poor air quality, and prospects of improvement were derailed by Trump TuesdayBig Bend national park is Texas at its most cinematic, with soaring, jagged forest peaks looming over vast desert lowlands, at once haughty and humble, prickly and pretty. It is also among the…

via Trump’s pro-coal agenda is a blow for clean air efforts at Texas’ Big Bend park — Environment | The Guardian

Blogging For The Environment Listicle

A 2014 Yale study finds climate change believers in Humboldt County at 53%, although low, is 10% higher than national average.

#1 Climate change will cause sea level rise in Humboldt Bay and longer forest fire seasons. Who will have to pay for the damage, and who will suffer damage that that can’t be repaid?


#2 Wood Harvesting  Humboldt county has a history of cutting down trees. Three years into Arcata’s existence, it became a large manufacturer of timber. In the 70s, it died down somewhat, but what are the lasting effects of such a long history with lumber?


#3 Fishing Salmon is dying everywhere, but what is the effect in Humboldt?


#4 Media coverage of climate problems The caribbean is currently being destroyed by man-fueled hurricanes, yet most of the coverage focuses on the immediate: death tolls, houses destroyed, dogs rescued from rubble. Where is climate being covered?


#5 Veganism/sustainable eating Meat kills, but how are the people selling it doing? How are vegans faring in a meat dominated area?


#6 Hippies or Destroyers? It is a fact that the damage caused by humans often affects poorer communities, but are those communities the ones that gave rise to the climate movement?

Reuters map shows elevated levels of lead in eureka residents.

#7 Lead paint poison  There is a lead paint problem in Eureka, and human health is affected.  But lead can affect other types of life, such as coating plant leaves, reducing their ability to photosynthesize.


#8 Planting Pot With the legalization of marijuana, industry growers have come to take over. Their practices include poisoning and clearcutting. How is it impacting the soil and the green growers who used to farm there?


#9 Sequoia Zoo: are the animals happy? Sequoia Park Zoo contributes to conservation efforts of red pandas, but like Marsala, want to stay or leave? How are the human caretakers benefiting in a way that may affect their ability to care for the pandas?


#10 Gas Stations Gas is the no. 1 evil to touch the environment, and would not be possible without the millions of gas stations in existence. Why would people work in them if they damage the environment and pay minimum wage?


Public Ignorance: 10 Stats That Prove We Need More News


#1 According to PewResearch, 64% of the population use Facebook, and of that number, it’s where 30% get their news. For YouTube, news is considerably lower, with 51% of americans using and 10% treating it as a news source. Twitter has 16% of the population using, and 8% getting their news from it. While the numbers varied all social media sites are treated as news sources,with the exceptions of pinterest and vine, and really, how are you going to get news out of them?


#2 A Pew study found that 20% of users have “modified their stance on a social or political issue because of material they saw on social media.” This is especially disturbing since 70 million people were exposed to fake news during the 2016 election. 


#3 Bad news for journalists-newspaper circulation has fallen 39% in the past 20 years, declining as much as 7% from 2014 to 2015.

‘Newspaupers’ by

#4 However of those who read the news, 51% read it in print in 2015 while only 7% chose to read it on a computer or phone.



#5  Coverage of climate change is falling, even as hurricanes worsen due to warm ocean temperatures. Some news coverage, especially Fox News, covers it only to criticize climate action.  


#6 Internet did not surpass newspapers until 2008, but since then it has kept growing.


#7 Human journalists provide with more assessable content that is enjoyable to read, but automated journalists are cheaper and more factually accurate. 


#8 In 2015, over 40% of newspapers reported a loss. NY Times explains the downfall of internet space; the more they have, the more spaces they have middlemen sell at severely reduced prices.


#9 Fox news was the most watched news, but CNN has caught up, tripling it’s viewership in 2016. Yay for truthful news!


#10 Yes, I’m done with this list!I just want to play piano so goodbye….


But wait.. the 10th fact…

Ugh, since we all like news, have you seen this source? Al Jazeera 


Lights above Cypress lawn. They’re not actually moving.
 Nature’s Backlash is supposed to be about the ways nature retaliates to the damage humans have done, and how humans are affected by that backlash. (See hurricanes Harvey/Irma/Jose) But the absence of nature can be destructive. Cement, buildings, street lights for miles. Few or no trees, perhaps a moon but no stars.

In this city, when there’s a power outage, the streets go dark. The sky lights up. People walking in the streets are lost. All they can see is stars. City folk they are, most cannot navigate by the stars.

In ancient times, people named the constellations friends of the gods and goddesses. While we still know their names and perhaps recognise them when we see them, they’re no longer present to be held in the same high regard as they once were.

Then there’s artificial light itself. It’s very existence is so that people can stay up longer. Trees in constant light exposure lose the ability to tell the seasons and birds become disoriented during migration. Nature cannot fight back against light, but she can suffer. It’s humans that cause the backlash.

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